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Usta Brothers, who have a specific identity, make games and applications related to difficult games and mental health.

Hard Games

Easy to learn, hard to finish games.

Mind-opening applications

Do you think about the things around you and how your time passes? This is what we focused on.

We exist on all mobile platforms

We share our apps and games on AppGallery, Google Play and AppStore.

We will also be on Steam

We develop great games for Steam and these are very realistic games.

We focused on opportunities

We've seen some opportunities in local games and we're striving for that.

Apple Watch Apps

We also develop applications for Apple Watch and adapt our applications.

Who are we?

We, Usta Brothers, are two brothers who do their job passionately and have loyalty in their hearts. We are truly determined and do not know competitors in seeing opportunities. Our difference comes from our productivity. Our apps will open your mind, and our games will laugh at you. Here is Usta Brothers! To go a little deeper into this brand, the application channel of our brand is definitely about mental health and awareness. In the game channel, we aim to make difficult games and make people laugh. When it comes to opportunities, opportunities are important to us because we come to this life once and we have to experience every experience. It was a little philosophical, but it is. Here is Usta Brothers.


Here are screenshots of some of our games.